How we do it

I. Kick-Off Meeting: Define role requirements & objectives, explore challenges and culture with client’s selection committee.

Result: A precise and attractive position specification.

II. Action Plan: Develop map of target companies, do full research and market sourcing.

Result: A complete list of potential candidates.

III. Initial Screening: Pursue and conduct phone interviews with all potential candidates.

Result: A refined list of top candidates.

IV. Face-to-Face Interviews: Thorough sessions with top candidates. (Video is an option ONLY due to cost or geographical limitations).

Result: Complete Candidate Reports.

V. Client/Candidate Interviews: Organize agendas, take 360°references, gather feedback, advise ALL candidates of status.

Result: Client selection.

VI. Negotiation: Assist client in offer structure, advise candidate through resignation process.

Result: Candidate hire.

VII. Follow-Up: Continue communication with both parties.

Result: A smooth transition.

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