Potential candidates: FAQ

Will you help me find a job?

We are not an employment agency, so we do not find jobs for people who are seeking employment. Companies contract our services to find candidates who have specific requirements for positions they entrust us with.

I sent you my CV, but would like to explain my background in person.

We appreciate having your information available in our database. This will allow us to rapidly identify and contact you when an opportunity which could match your experience presents itself. However, we will ONLY arrange an interview with you when we are able to offer you a particular role.

Can we set up a meeting to discuss my career goals and receive professional advice?

We will explore your goals and objectives when you are an active candidate, with the purpose of determining their match to a position. Otherwise, the best people to get professional advice from are executive coaches, career counselors or outplacement agencies.

Where do you store my information?

Our database is totally confidential. We only send relevant information to a client when you are an active candidate and with your prior consent.

At which point do you check my references?

  • If you are currently employed, we check your references immediately after your first interview with one of our clients, once you are selected to move on to the next stage. (We take references only from your past employers, and will do nothing to endanger your present employment).
  • If you are currently unemployed, we check your references immediately after your first interview with us, prior to being introduced to a client.