Potential clients: FAQ

We can access many professionals through social and professional networks. Why should we engage your services?
First, because not ALL of the executives you want are found on networks. Some are not keen on being visible, others do not upload their profiles to avoid misinterpretations by their employers. The result is that your universe of potential candidates is incomplete.
Secondly, someone from your company still needs to have the experience and dedicate a huge amount of time to filter dozens of profiles, contact those who appear to have a better fit, organize agendas, assess them all, take references and negotiate the hire, without forgetting to thank and provide feedback to those who were not selected. This is what we have been doing every day, for many years.
Finally, for us networks are just one of many resources, not the silver bullet. In-depth and traditional research is still vital to get “the full picture”, from which to select the best.

Why not post an ad instead of turning to HeadSeekers?
Our answer to that is easy. When you post an ad, you’ll get many responses from people who are looking for you, not necessarily from those that you are looking for.

Our HR people are in charge of recruitment. In what cases can HeadSeekers add value to our company?

  • When maintaining confidentiality is a must. When your HR people reach out to executives, they will obviously know your company’s name, and might even guess what the position is. With us, they won’t.
  • When you want to approach executives who work for your direct competitors. Even when your HR people have no qualms about contacting your competitors, many executives employed by them might refuse to respond to their calls or set up interviews in your offices, fearing that their employer could easily find out. This is particularly true for successful executives who are not actively seeking a move, and who could be precisely of most interest to you.
  • When your HR people do not have enough time to fully commit to an urgent or complicated search. They have many other activities to complete during their office hours, which are usually the same as the executives’ office hours. We are able to put all of our energy into that one search, and adjust our time to each candidate’s availability in order to complete it thoroughly and swiftly.