What to expect from us

Honesty. No exceptions.
Confidentiality. We observe, listen and discreetly approach carefully targeted candidates, and know when to keep our mouths shut.
Responsibility. The solutions we provide can have a significant impact on the businesses, careers, and lives of others. We take this responsibility very seriously and strictly adhere to a code of professional ethics.
Objectivity. We assess all candidates equally, including internal ones put forth by you.
Hands-Off Policies. We will NEVER contact a candidate placed by us in your company, while still employed by you in any position, for another client. ALL of your employees are “untouchable” for two years, following our last collaboration.
Guarantee Periods. We will conduct a totally new search for the same position at no additional cost to you, if the selected candidate resigns or is dismissed with just cause. Our guarantee covers the first twelve months of employment for a senior management position, and the first six months for a middle management position.
Anticipation of your need. A close collaboration with you allows us to be on a constant lookout for executives who could add great value to your organization.