What we ask of you

Transparency. Allow us to get to know you. If you are upfront about all critical issues related to the position and take the time to help us understand your organizational structure, business objectives and particular culture, you will receive unparalleled results from us.
Clarity. We need clear, precise and complete information from you before we embark on a search.
Be our partner during the process. In short, take joint responsibility for successful completion of the search. We ask that you move quickly to review our Candidate Reports, make time for interviews, give us prompt feedback, and don’t let candidates dangle. Let’s work together on accomplishing our two main goals: recruiting the best candidate for your company, within an established timeframe.
Respect. Treat us, and our candidates, with the same respect that we will show you. We are all people who need one another to succeed, so everyone’s time, energy and feelings really do matter.
Exclusivity. We act as an extension of you, so we require exclusivity to work with you on any given assignment.