What we need from you

Respect. Keep in mind that we invest time, energy and resources on your behalf.
Transparency. Tell us if the position we offer truly interests you. A meeting with us is objective-oriented, not “a chance to get to know one another”.
Honesty. Be precise about all details relative to your professional career and compensation.
Confidentiality. Do not reveal any sensitive information provided to you, either by our client or by us. This can hinder your candidacy, and negatively impact the whole search process.
Constant communication. It is imperative that you inform us immediately if any concerns, unexpected events or obstacles arise during the process. Tell us first, not the client. We put our reputation on the line with every candidate we introduce, so we really dislike surprises.
Do not bypass us. We will formally present you to our client if your experience, skills, personality and motivation match a particular position. We will also clearly explain the reasons for not considering your candidacy if they don’t. It is a mistake to insist and contact our client directly to try to get your foot in the door, because we will find out. Not only will we all question your integrity, but you will never again be approached by our firm.