Our principles.


  • Honesty. NO exceptions.
  • Confidentiality. We observe, listen and discreetly approach carefully targeted candidates, and know when to keep our mouths shut.
  • Responsibility. Our work has a significant impact on the businesses, careers, and lives of others. We take this responsibility very seriously and strictly adhere to a code of professional ethics.
  • Objectivity. We assess ALL candidates equally.
  • Hands-Off Policies. We will NEVER “steal” a candidate placed by us in your company, for another client. Furthermore, ALL of your employees are untouchable for two years, following our last collaboration.
  • Guarantee Periods. We will conduct a totally new search for the same position at no additional cost to you, if the selected candidate resigns or is dismissed with just cause. Our guarantee covers one year of employment for a senior management position, and 6 months for a middle management position.
  • Anticipation of your need. A close collaboration with you allows us to be on a constant lookout for executives who could add great value to your organization.

We really are your team!


  • Transparency. Allow us to get to know you. If you are upfront about all critical issues related to the position and take the time to help us understand your organizational structure, business objectives and particular culture, you will receive unparalleled results from us.
  • Clarity. We need clear, precise and complete information from you before we embark on a search.
  • Be our partner during the process. In short, take joint responsibility for successful completion of the search. We ask that you move quickly to review our Candidate Reports, make time for interviews, give us prompt feedback, and don’t let candidates dangle. Let’s work together on accomplishing our two main goals: recruiting the best candidate for your company, within an established timeframe.
  • Respect. Treat us, and our candidates, with the same respect that we have towards you. We are all people who need one another to succeed, so everyone’s time, energy and feelings really do matter.
  • Exclusivity. We act as an extension of you, so we require exclusivity to work with you on any given assignment.

We assure you…

Networks are NOT enough.

Typical question: “We can access many professionals through social and professional networks. Why should we engage your services?”

First, because not ALL of the executives you want are found on networks. Some are not keen on being visible, others do not upload their profiles to avoid misinterpretations by their employers. The result is that your universe of potential candidates is incomplete.

Secondly, someone from your company still needs to have the experience and dedicate a huge amount of time to filter dozens of profiles, contact those who appear to have a better fit, organize agendas, assess them all, take references and negotiate the hire, without forgetting to thank and provide feedback to those who were not selected. This is what we have been doing every single day, for many years.

Finally, for us networks are not the silver bullet. In-depth and traditional research is still vital to get “the full picture”, from which to select the best.

Why not post an ad instead of turning to HeadSeekers?

Our answer to that is easy. When you post an ad, you’ll get many responses from people who are looking for you, not necessarily from those that you are looking for.



“We need to conduct a VERY confidential search”.  

Our firm can approach candidates without immediately revealing your company’s name or position.  

    “Our Talent Acquisition team cannot reach out to direct competitors”.  

    That’s where we come in. We can contact successful executives who are not actively seeking a move, explain the opportunity to them, and set up confidential interviews, not endangering their current employment.

    Often,  a “passive” candidate  ends up being precisely the perfect match for your role.

    “This particular position is very urgent and complicated”.

    We know that your HR team has a heavy workload, and cannot commit to spending all of their energy and time on one search, sifting through dozens of possible prospects to select the right candidates.

    We CAN, and that is exactly what we DO.

    I’m searching for top TALENT!

    Thank you for considering our services. Please fill out the form below so we can better understand your current need. We will respond in less than 24 hours.