How we do it

1. Kick-off meeting

Define role requirements & objectives, explore challenges and culture with client’s selection committee.

Result: A precise and attractive position specification.

2. Action plan

Treat us, and our candidates, with the same respect that we have towards you. We are all people who need one another to succeed, so everyone’s time, energy and feelings really do matter.

Result: A complete list of potential candidates.

3. Initial screening

Let’s work together on accomplishing our two main goals: recruiting the best candidate for your company, within an established timeframe.

Result: A refined list of top candidates.

4. Face to face interviews

We act as an extension of you, so we require exclusivity to work with you on any given assignment.

Result: Complete Candidate Reports.

5. Client/Candidate interviews

We need clear, precise and complete information from you before we embark on a search.

Result: Client selection.

6. Negotiation

We assess all candidates equally, without exception we raise our standards.

Result: Candidate hire.

7. Follow up

After having achieved the contract, we do not stop, we keep listening to what is happening in order to improve and support you in everything you need.

Result: A smooth transition.

Let's work together!

Reach out to us, we are ready to listen to your needs and will do our best to assist you.