What we won’t do

Accept any search

We are as careful about selecting clients and assignments as we are about selecting candidates.

Work for your competitors

We won’t work for your fiercest competitors or participate in races against other firms. True collaborators just don’t do that.

Present a CV instead of a person

We give you a full report on each candidate who has been thoroughly assessed by us, not a profile that looks good on paper.

Mass Recruitment

Our experience is best put to use when your company needs executives who are well suited for middle to top management level positions.

Work for free

A key or confidential position demands a full search for a hard-to-find individual. Simply put, we commit to the process, you commit to retain our services. We have learned (and perhaps you have, too) that only a mutual commitment leads to optimal results.

Rule out good candidates

We assess all candidates equally, without exception we raise our standards.

Your industry is not here?

Reach out to us, we are ready to listen to your needs and will do our best to assist you.