Why choose us

We focus on your "wish list"

You do not need us to find available talent, since anyone can do that. You do need us to make talent available to you. Our main challenge is to bring the quality executives that YOU are looking for to your doorstep, not those who are already looking for you, or for any other opportunity.

We take better care of our business

The only stakeholders, Board members or Top Management that we need to worry about are YOURS.

Transparent fees

Our fees are fixed and pre-established, regardless of the final compensation you ultimately negotiate with the selected candidate. This means that you know what you will pay from day one, no surprises. It also proves that our incentive is to deliver the truly best candidates, not only the most expensive ones.

Affordable fees

We charge 20-25% of the mid-point of the base salary range offered by your company, dependent upon the position level and geographical scope of the search. Our total fees are payable as follows: 35% upon initiation of the search, and the remaining 65% upon completion, when you hire the candidate.

Last, but not least

We are quick. Most of our candidates have joined their new company within 60 days.

Let's work together

Reach out to us, we are ready to listen to your needs and will do our best to assist you.